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Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant County Evictions

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​​​​File Forcible Detainer of the Eviction Petition with the JP Court​​
 5 days after serving the NTV, we will file the Forcible Detainer Petition in the Justice of the Peace Court
for you and receive the Court Date and Case Number

We will Represent you in Court
 We will Attend Court on Court day, Present your case to the Judge, receive Judgment and Possession of the Property

All this for $85*(per eviction)

File Writ of Possession  for $75*
After Judgment Received, upon your approval, we will file the Writ of Possession (if they haven't moved out)
This will authorize the Constable to serve notice that they must be out within 24-48 hours
or they will be forcibly moved out of the property giving you possession of the property
* Plus Court Costs and Fees​  (see below) 

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Payable at time of submitting eviction to DFW Eviction for filing​​
​​ Dallas County

 Forcible Detainer -
 Eviction Petition
  (1 Defendant)                  $141

 Each Additional
 Defendant                         $  80

 Writ of Possession           $175
  1. McKinney, Texas Courthouse
  2. Downtown Dallas Skyline at dusk
  3. Denton Courthouse on the Square
  4. Tarrant County Courthouse
Collin County​​

 Forcible Detainer -
 Eviction Petition
  (1 Defendant)                   $ 121

 Each Additional
 Defendant                          $  75

 Writ of Possession            $185
Denton County

 Forcible Detainer - 
 Eviction Petition
  (1 Defendant)                  $121

 Each Additional
 Defendant                         $   75

 Writ of Possession           $155
​​ Tarrant County​​

 Forcible Detainer - 
 Eviction Petition
  (1 Defendant)               $121

 Each Additional
 Defendant                      $   75

 Writ of Possession        $155