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Do's & Don'ts of Evictions
Don't wait to file

Train your tenant, don't let them train you!  
Waiting to file only allows them to get too far in debt until it's impossible for them to catch up and you are out $$$.

Train them, let them know if they don't pay on time it will cost them a lot in late fees, needless court costs and may be out on the street.  Benefit yourself and your tenant by communicating the importance of paying their rent on time.
Make sure all Info is Accurate

Check and double check your information for accuracy.  Many times the property makes a mistake on the address or apt # and it is costly to Amend the Petition.

If the Constable cannot serve the petition because the info was entered wrong it will cost uneccessary additional filing fees and delivery costs as well as delaying the court date because the Deputy must re-serve the petition to the defendant. 
Upload All your Documents ASAP

It is imperative that we have ALL your Documents PRIOR to filing the Petition with the court.

We need the Notice to Vacate (NTV), Lease (all pages excluding the addendums), Ledger, and SCRA Military affidavit from the Department of Defense (DOD website) sent to us as soon as possible.  

Having your documents prior to filing allows us to review them and compare them for accuracy to the best of our ability.

Don't take Partial Payments

This could jeopardize your case in Court. Some Judges will dismiss the case if funds have been accepted during the time from when NTV was served to the Court Date. 

If they put a check in your Dropbox or under the door, either return it or hold the check until the Court Date, do not post it to their ledger. Contact us immediately and let us know.

If they pay in full you may want to accept it. Let us know as soon as possible so we will dismiss the case with the court.
Let us know of Changes

COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY! Let us know, as soon as possible, if something has change with your tennant or case.  It could be they made a payment or moved out. Whether they make a partial payment or paid-in-full you must let us know so we know how to handle your case.  

We need to know the facts, as they change, so we can properly defend your case in court or dismiss the case if needed.  
File the Writ of Possession

Approximate 5 days after receiving Judgment and the tenant has not moved out or filed an appeal you may file the Writ of Judgment.   This is served by the Deputy notifying them that they have 24-48 hours to move or their belongings will be moved out.

The deputy will return and maintain the peace while your crew packs up the belongs and moves them to the curb. The deputy will not do it if there is a threat of rain.

The 5 days will vary depending on what time the court closes or if the 5th day lands on a weekend or holiday.