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Required Eviction Submission Form - under 50 units
Contact Person's Name & Title
Contact's Email Address
Message-Add'l Info we need for the case
Property Management's Name
Property Owner's Name
Contact's Phone #
Owner's/Management Address
Tenant #1
Tenant #2
Additional Tenant's on Lease
Tenant's Street Address (Eviction address)
Apartment or Lot #
City, State, Zip Code
JP Court Jurisdiction
Monthly Rent
Past Due Rent Amount
Past Due Month's Owed
Lease Start Date
Date Notice to Vacate Served
How Notice to Vacate was Served
Reason for Eviction
Is this a Section 8 or Rent Subsidy, if so amount
Have you Emailed the Docs to us? (see below)
I/We Agree that:
By submitting this eviction request form to DFW Eviction  I, the Owner or Property Management Co., (hereafter known as "I") state that I  authorize DFW Eviction to serve as my/our authorized agent to prepare, file and represent us in JP Court(s).

I also state that I have reviewed this information and confirm that it is true and accurate and take responsibility for any errors  that have been entered.   I also acknowledge that DFW Eviction is/are NOT attorneys and cannot give legal counsel or advice.

PAYMENT: I further agree that I will pay  upfront and in full for these services upon receipt of the invoice and before the Court fees are paid.  This eviction will NOT be filed until DFW Eviction is paid in full by Credit Card, direct deposit, or by check.

Documents to send to us under seperate email to
[email protected]

1 - Signed Notice to Vacate (NTV)
2 - Copy of Lease (all pages but no addendums)
3 - Copy of current Ledger
4 - Copy of Military SCRA for each tenant
(from DOD website using SS# for verification)