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How the process works

Serve Notice to Vacate
File Petition with Court
Attend Court for you
We will send the Notice to Vacate both Certified Mail and US First Class Mail so it provides undeniable  proof to the court that it was served to the tenant.
We will prepare the documents and file them with the court. We will receive the case number and court date  for each trial case.
As your "Experienced Authorized Agent" (we are not attorneys), we will represent you in court, receive the Judgment, and save you time from having to attend the court proceedings.
Experienced AUTHORIZED AGENTS that work for You!
We will fight for your rights! 
The Texas Property Code allows us to represent you as an Authorized Agent for cases of non-payment of rent and/or lease expiration/lease holdover.  Since we are not Attorneys we can keep your costs reasonable.

We do not have costly sign-up fees or long term contracts to sign. We work on a case-by-case fee arrangement so you pay only for the tenant you need evicted at the time.  With years of experience in the Eviction Process, let us save you time, trouble and the potential pitfalls that overtake many property owners.
Stop Losing Money 
Guarranteed Results
Don't do it Alone
We feel so confident that if we are unable to evict the tenant we will refund 100% of our fees* if it was something that was our fault in the process. We are a local company here in the Metroplex and our reputation depends on satisfied clients.
Every day that you wait to start the Eviction Process costs you money and gives your tenant another "free" day of rent. STOP THE BLEEDING and remove the problem tenant and get one that will pay you what you desere
Hire the Experts! The Texas Property Code can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Each court also has it's own method of handling the cases.  We have performed 1,000's of evictions in each of the courts and know what is needed.
Our Mission
To provide the best services for our clients that provide peace of mind and elliminates the time, effort and stress of an eviction while taking back control of their property and resuming a positive cashflow for the property owner and managers. 


We provide Pricing for every need

 For Investors with 50 or more  units or Multiple
Unit Properties we have wholesale discount pricing for volume filings. Press the Blue button above for pricing and submission page.

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